Prism Acquire® is an advanced medical software tool that assists technologists in the acquisition of functional and physiological images. Prism Acquire®, used in conjunction with conventional MRI systems and commercially available stimulus hardware, is the first component of the Prism Clinical Imaging's turnkey applications and services that facilitate data acquisition.

Prism Acquire® begins the fMRI workflow with patient evaluation and training before the patient enters the scanner. During the fMRI exam, Acquire coaches the MR Technologist through paradigm administration, using standardized scripts to ensure consistent acquisition. Acquire presents the patient with a variety of stimuli and captures the patient's responses during functional MRI scanning sessions. Images along with the stimulus-response information comprise the functional data that Acquire sends to Prism Process®.

MR Scanner
Site Archive or Scanner Database
Acquisition Workstations
Stimulus Equipment
Response Device
Processing Console

Prism Acquire® Features

  • Patient evaluation surveys and training module
  • Rich menu of clinically proven activation paradigms
  • Standardized Technologist scripts for paradigm administration Attention probes and patient performance measures
  • Built-in quality checks and calibration procedures to ensure data integrity
  • Patient data information and history retention

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