Prism Clinical Imaging® delivers clinical value you can see. Prism provides physicians with breakthrough imaging tools to plan and treat brain tumors and other neurological disorders. Images acquired from multiple modalities are registered and presented in “decks” for clinical interpretation. Prism integrates anatomical, functional and physiological images for practical use in the general clinical workflow.

The result: fast, accurate treatment planning, safer treatment delivery and improved quality of life for the nation’s 360,000 brain cancer patients.

For Physicians

Prism improves the quality of patient care while increasing clinical productivity.

For Patients

What you should know about the importance of planning in treating brain tumors and neurological disorders in neurosurgery and radiation oncology.

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Increase Clinical Productivity.

Physicians report that our products shorten complex, multi-hour procedures to less than two hours.

Prism products improve patient safety and physician productivity.

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