Version 3.0 of Prism Clinical Imaging’s Software Suite Released

Expanded registration, markup, measurement, and export capabilities featured

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - September 16, 2010 - Prism Clinical Imaging, Inc., developer of advanced medical imaging software, has announced the release of Version 3.0 of its Prism suite of functional MRI (fMRI) and advanced multi-parameter imaging software. Prism facilitates diagnosis of brain disorders, performs pre-treatment brain mapping, supplements radiation treatment planning with functional and metabolic information, and assists in tumor follow-up. Improvements included in this release span the product line from image acquisition, processing, clinical visualization and export to treatment systems.

Prism Acquire®’s support for functional MRI (fMRI) acquisition includes unique training and quality assurance (QA) features which facilitate best-practice documentation for reimbursement. QA information spanning patient compliance and performance, registration, fMRI motion correction and activation time course data appears automatically in the clinician’s report.

Prism Process® conveniently registers multiple MR, CT, and CT/PET studies while handling a variety of scanner data formats, acquisition planes, and fields of view. New information has been added to several types of studies, including radial and axial diffusivity maps which can be related to myelin and axon damage, respectively.

Prism View®, the clinician’s tool, now has greatly expanded QA, registration, and markup capabilities. Prism View combines registered volumes of image parameters in decks which allow clinicians to view anatomical, functional and physiological data in a single image view. Version 3.0 enhancements allow clinicians to define volumes of interest, and create surfaces, calipers, text or symbol markers, and pointers. Linear and volumetric measurements are easily performed, facilitating morphometric tasks such as WHO (World Health Organization) and RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors) tumor assessment. Numerical measurements and image samples are readily exported for further analysis in research applications. Pre-registered DICOM image data is exported with improved 3D interpolation to popular surgical navigation systems including Medtronic® and BrainLAB®, as well as radiation treatment planning systems such as Varian®.

Prism Flow® simplifies integration into the healthcare IT infrastructure, while supporting HIPAA compliance in data handling. Flow integrates with a variety of DICOM-compliant PACS and archival solutions including Emageon®, McKesson®, GE Centricity®, Acuo, TeraMedica and others.

With clinical fMRI and diffusion MR imaging (DTI), perfusion MR and MR spectroscopy, and CT and PET/CT integration, Prism combines multi-parameter and multi-modality information for treatment planning and follow-up in an FDA cleared commercial product suite

About Prism Clinical Imaging, Inc.:
Prism Clinical Imaging, Inc. is the leader in the field of clinical functional MRI (fMRI) and advanced neuroimaging. Prism software provides physicians with multi-modality, multi-parameter imaging for treatment planning and image guided treatment delivery. Intuitively organizing multiple series of anatomical, functional and physiological images in decks, the software allows for more effective clinical interpretation since the images are already registered for the physician. The power of Prism is also available on a per-case basis through its Prism Serve® processing service. Prism helps physicians deliver high-quality and safe treatment to patients, while optimizing clinical workflow. Located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Prism was founded by clinical professionals at the Medical College of Wisconsin. For more information, visit .

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